art is dead until it decides to wake up

what does?…

Autodigest has made live appearances since 2002, establishing the world record by performing the shortest concert ever (one-second-long concert in Stockholm, May 24, 2002), and beating its own record in June 2004 (half-a-second-long gig in Porto, Portugal). Concerts have happened at: the Lydmar Hotel (R.I.P., Stockholm); the Royal College of Art (London); the Serralves Museum (Porto); the Bedford Arms (London); the Spitz (London); Casa da Música (Porto).

A series of sound documents have been released in CD format by TouchAsh International, Cronica Electronica, The TapewormThe Gulbenkian Foundation.

Currently rehearsing self-publishing systems. Thou shalt be inundated with goodies in due time.

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