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“Free Tape” is Dale Cornish’s choice of 2014

“Free Tape”, an Autodigest release for The Tapeworm, tops Dale Cornish’s chart of releases in 2014 for Boomkat. Advertisements

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Volume 7: “Free Tape”

The tape has been freed, given away, emancipated out of the shell. Now a collectors item.  

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autodigest performs “free tape” @ Tapeworm’s Bunch of Fives

With the precious help of Antifluffy, autodigest will make a rare appearance Sept 16 at Cafe Oto, for the fifth birthday of The Tapeworm. Volume 7 will be available in a very limited … Continue reading

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Autodigestif @ futureplaces tapeworm showcase

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… and a coda to volume 6.

Last week at Touch30. Listen here. Autodigest’s piece for Touch30 was called “30 years of Touch in 30 seconds, plus 3 bonus seconds”. 90 tracks from Touch’s catalogue were mechanically mashed up, until an essence … Continue reading

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Autodigest vol.6 out now

A death metal jingle for Radio Manobras. Available here.

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