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autodigest performs “free tape” @ Tapeworm’s Bunch of Fives

With the precious help of Antifluffy, autodigest will make a rare appearance Sept 16 at Cafe Oto, for the fifth birthday of The Tapeworm. Volume 7 will be available in a very limited … Continue reading

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Autodigestif @ futureplaces tapeworm showcase

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… and a coda to volume 6.

Last week at Touch30. Listen here. Autodigest’s piece for Touch30 was called “30 years of Touch in 30 seconds, plus 3 bonus seconds”. 90 tracks from Touch’s catalogue were mechanically mashed up, until an essence … Continue reading

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Autodigest vol.6 out now

A death metal jingle for Radio Manobras. Available here.

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autodigest vol. 5 out now on TouchRadio. Free.

 unlearn all languages in 15 minutes
 Volume five in an ongoing series. Self-assembled and reversed in February 2012.
Photography: Heitor Alvelos Why not pay a humble tribute to the … Continue reading

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autodigest v4 now available

  Buy the cassette tape here (100 copies only…. SOLD OUT!)   Listen to side A here (256k mp3) Reviews on the release page  Enjoy the complete history of bootlegging!

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out in February on tapeworm:

The 4th installment in the Autodigest series of compressed everything: this time around, all the bootlegs ever. Manufactured as we speak; limited to 100 copies on cassette only. An unlimited, … Continue reading

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Autodigest returns… illegaler than ever!

Coming soon: The 4th installment in the Autodigest series of compressed everything: this time around, we are promised all the bootlegs ever. At a time when the debate on music … Continue reading

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New post: live at the Spitz, London, 4 Nov 2004

Low BR, pending agreement between all five performers. A higher BR will follow. Listen HERE.

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Desert Island Bootlegs

An improvisational piece made up of analogue audience recordings spanning five decades. Premiered at Casa da Música, 13 April 2008 (AM). The orchestra was made up of AC, AG, JML, … Continue reading

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