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Boot Surgery

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January 13, 2AM London time @ 
January 14, 10PM London time @


Weekly radio show
Tuesdays + Saturdays 2AM via Stress FM
Wednesdays 10PM via Radio Manobras

A 30-minute long weekly show dedicated to reshaping a vast repertoire of unauthorised live recordings of popular music spanning over 4 decades. No artists will be identified; all sources will be reconstructed beyond their original context; random methodologies will often be found at work.

Boot Surgery is meant to be both a dream sequence and the nec plus ultra of unauthorised recordings, a chaotic yet rigorous pool where vaguely familiar moods and shards boil out of the melting pot and into the ether. An ongoing requiem to popular music’s gradual drift into oblivion, replaced with something that is promptly readable yet devoid of depth, metaphor or mystery: digital compression, forceful presets and hallucinatory autotune to the fore.

None of that here, and if anything, the antidote: fuzzy and inviting, lo-fi, dark and foreboding, dissonant echoes of a time when all seemed possible.

What if that time was now?

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